i never thought i'd write for

a living


I was supposed to be Victoria in Cats on Broadway. But a college skiing “incident” took  that off the table. What next?  Hmmm. What college major requires the least amount of math to graduate? Journalism. Bang! That’s how it started.

I never thought I’d love to write.
But I did. I found it very much like dancing. Just easier on the feet. Expression. Performance. Discipline. Passion. Audience. Writing became my dance.

So I did what any dancer, sorry–writer, would do. I went to the west coast to be discovered. Shockingly, agencies weren't wooing me with fancy dinners and concert tickets. But I did manage to absorb some pretty decent experience writing for a small boutique agency and a big commercial company. Talk about ying and yang!

Anyway, two earthquakes and almost 3 years later I ventured back home to the midwest. I would say well-rounded describes my experience, as I’ve written in virtually every genre and every channel. But the one constant is the audience. For me, it’s about taking the time to connect to your audience so you can receive their applause–better yet, a standing ovation.

I’m also one of those annoying writers who dabbles in design. Yikes! I like to create logos, band posters, t-shirt designs, and I’m pretty good at those do-it-yourself greeting cards.

I have two beautiful, amazing daughters that keep me grounded and a lovable lab mix that greets me everyday like she hasn’t seen me in years. Good stuff.


I'm available for full time and freelance opportunities.


Time to have an aha!







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