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I'm a marketing copywriter with extensive experience developing multi-channel content and branding strategies for financial products and services for a Fortune 200 company, including but not limited to banking, credit cards, lending, and small business.


Making complicated subject matter interesting and easy to understand is my superpower.

My background includes but is not limited to project management, new product development, and scripting for television, video, and radio. A fan of all things entrepreneurial, I also create branding and marketing materials for start-ups and small businesses.

happy accident


I was supposed to be Victoria in Cats on Broadway. Then a college skiing “incident” took that off the table. What next?  Hmmm. What college major requires the least amount of math to graduate? Journalism. Bang! That’s how my career started.


I never thought I’d love to write. 

But I did. I found it very much like dancing. Just easier on the feet. Expression. Discipline. Passion. Technique. Performance. Writing became my dance.


So I did what any dancer, sorry–writer, would do. I went to the west coast to be discovered. Shockingly, agencies weren't wooing me with fancy dinners and concert tickets. But I did manage to absorb some pretty decent experience writing for a small boutique agency specializing in high-end real estate as well as a big commercial construction company that required me to operate its heavy equipment before writing about it. I have to say, such hands-on experience resulted in many creative breakthroughs.


Anyway, two earthquakes and almost 3 years later, I ventured back home to the Midwest to write for a direct selling company before taking a copywriting job with a Fortune 100 financial company in Virginia. Over a decade later, I landed a job as an official “storyteller” for a direct marketing company that makes me feel like Elaine from Seinfeld. 


I would say well-rounded describes my experience, as I’ve written in virtually every genre and every channel. But the one constant is the audience. It’s about truly connecting with people: engaging, informing, and delighting them, so you can receive their applause––better yet, a standing ovation.

I have two beautiful, amazing daughters that keep me grounded, and some fur babies that keep me company while I drink wine and watch Bravo. Good stuff.


I'm available for full-time and freelance opportunities. 

Please consider hiring a used-to-be-dancer turned writer by happy accident. Just think of the dance moves I can teach you at company parties. 


Time to have an aha!




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