Copy & Content Manager

​March 2015 - Present

Stauer., Richmond, Virginia

Stauer is the country’s fastest-growing destination for precious gemstone jewelry, unique luxury items and vintage-inspired timepieces.

• Create copy and content for all channels (print, direct mail, digital,

  mass media, and sales force). This entails of course managing a small     fleet of freelance resources.
• Create long and short copy in Stauer's storytelling brand fashion.            Think Elaine and J. Peterman from Seinfeld.

• Generate on average 5 print ads a month that appear in publications      such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, The Wall Street Journal,        Newsweek, and The New York Times.

•  Partner with web team, merchandising, creative production, and            management to develop communication and delivery strategies and      coordinate efforts company wide.


favorite highlights (so far):
Scripting and launching Stauer's first national television commercials.


Coming onboard as a writer and gaining the opportunity within weeks to oversee all copy and content responsibilities.



2002 - 2015

Capital One Financial Corporation., Richmond, Virginia

• Bringing a face and a voice to a big bank from the inside out.
  Some would call that internal and external “branding.”
• Balancing business needs with customers needs. It’s like walking a    

  tightrope but I have lots of practice.
• Creating just the right copy to please oodles of different folks from  

  number crunchers to legal types.
• Work and write in many worlds: Digital, print, mass media, social

  networks, pro bono, name it.

• Lead teams in projects of varying scope and white space.
• Walk my talk and present my work all the way up the food chain.
• Put together internal training events that won’t bore people to death.
• Help onboard and support our wonderfully talented contractors.


favorite highlights:
The honor of celebrating diversity by partnering with an art director to create a student banking campaign.


Getting the Multicultural Excellence Award by the Association of National Advertisers was icing on the cake.


Helping over 30 million new customers feel welcomed and confident after being acquired by Capital One from another bank.


Circle of Excellence Winner: Online Banking Website Team




Open Invitation., Kansas City, Missouri

• Helped people build and run a successful home based business by

   creating stuff to up their game like product catalogs, training guides,

   recruiting materials, scripting, recognition pieces––there was a lot!

• Managed writing team and helped give the company a new look
   and voice.

• I got pretty good at creating communications on the owner’s behalf

  So much so, people started calling me Harry.


favorite highlights:  
Branding and launching of new line of teddy bears.
Wonderfully warm and fuzzy work.

Giving the company a new look and voice after it was sold.
A challenging, yet successful renovation.


Media Planner


Bryan Hardwick Associates., Palos Verdes, California (1990 to  1992)
• Got the word out on the street about what’s shaking via press

  releases, media placement, and all the schmooze stuff.
• Figured out whether fried edamame or filet mignon croquettes were  

  crowd pleasers at parties. I think I gained a few pounds.
• Brought high-end real estate to life in magazines, newspapers, and


favorite highlight:  
Pulled off a soirée to honor international landscape and installation artist Christo. This guy wraps mountains like presents, so it was very cool to meet him.




Multiquip Incorporated., Carson, California (1989 to 1990)
• Made huge commercial-sized equipment like generators, rammers,

  and earth movers sound riveting.
• Brought in new talent with my come hither recruiting voice.
• Made sure the sales people knew their products so they could rock

  their jobs.
• Helped put together company events.

favorite highlights:  
Helped organize a comedic roast for the company owner that included securing the talent of the then starting-to-really-rock-it Adam Sandler.

Giving unsexy equipment face time in glamorous publications like Hollywood Variety.



sampling Marketing Expert: Research and create content for business-related articles.

Source Property Accounting: Created a logo and helped brand a wonderful home-based accounting business. 

Daybreaks: Created a name and logo for a growing company focused on elder care.



educational pursuits

Bachelor's of Science in Journalism. University of Kansas.

Professional development
Courses in Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing Research, Presenting, Creative Thinking and Mind Mapping, and Digital Media.

Applied Jewelry Professional

GIA (Gemological Institute of America)


getting technical

Great on a mac

Pretty good on a  PC

Adobe Create Suite

Microsoft Office

giving back

Therapeutic riding volunteer: Galloping Acres Foundation; Glen Allen, Virginia


a few interests



live music











feeding the brain
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