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my philosophy


be open
the chicken and the egg came to the party together

Which came first, the words or the image? The answer is both. An image can spur great creative work the same as a headline can. It’s a synthesis. A harmonic convergence. Teamwork.

think for fun
when ideas come out to play

Bills, taxes, appointments, to-do lists, passwords...our brains can get in a rut and become a little soft around the middle.

Time for recess and some exercise. Think of it as cerebral cross training. Flex that cerebellum and stretch those lobes. Give your brain something new to think about. For me, I get my temporal and occipital lobe cardio via live music and art shows.

recycle ideas
it’s good for the work environment   

I have a lot of passion for what I do. That’s important. It keeps me employable. But sometimes it can make me hold on too tight to something that isn’t really working. I can’t bear the thought of a great idea going into the abyss, never to return.

Solution:  I don’t throw away ideas. I put them in the recycle bin. Okay, so it’s not a bin, it’s a folder. But you get the gist. A not-so-great-right-now idea can be repurposed into a brilliant idea later.

see the good
rose-colored glasses look fabulous on everyone

Yes, you can take the Pollyanna thing too far. But the dark brooding by the fireplace with a glass of absinthe ain’t good either.

We are shaped and seasoned by our experiences, good and bad. There’s something to be said for brilliance coming from darkness. But man, it’s so much easier when brilliance has a happy beginning.  Granted, I’ve had to have the prescription to my rose-colored lenses changed through the years, but I always have a pair on me. 



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